Blackjack Tips

Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is a game where you can always learn something new and there should definitely be a few things on this blackjack tips list that you didn't know about. I've compiled some of the best blackjack tips that I can give you and all you need to do is implement these simple tips into your game today to start winning more and having more fun at the tables. There are lots of things you need to think about while playing blackjack. These tips will help keep your brain moving at the table and help you avoid losing focus from the cards.

  • Learn and make sure you memorize all of the information you can about basic blackjack strategy. You can't go wrong with the math and odds and if you follow some basic black jack strategy guidlines. Going with your gut feeling too often is not recommended.

  • When you first start playing blackjack you need to make one of the most important decisions which is your bankroll. Set a bankroll and then make sure you sit at tables with the correct stakes so that you don't waste your bankroll at stakes that are too high.

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  • You should never use more then 5% of your bankroll at a blackjack game. You may run into a losing streak and not have enough chips left to recover the losses. Too many new players will play for a ridiculous percentage of their bankroll and wonder why they lose so quickly.

  • Never bet money that you cannot afford to lose gambling because there are definitely no guarantees when it comes down to playing any game in a casino.

  • Always make sure you use proper etiquette when sitting down at a blackjack table and never be rude to the dealer. They are only dealing the cards and doing their job, they have no influence over what cards you're being dealt.

  • You should never buy insurance when playing blackjack.

  • Always make sure you change your wager over the course of a session so that it matches how you're doing. You usually go on streaks in blackjack so when you're losing lower your bets and when you're winning you should increase your bet.

  • Whether you're winning or losing during your session every blackjack player needs to know the importance of knowing when to walk away. It's easy to buy more chips, but should you really buy more chips when you're already in the hole for the day and feeling upset? Probably not.

  • You need to ensure that you don't become overwhelmed or distracted by the appearance inside a casino. They have shining lights and loud slot machines in order to distract players and get them enthralled in the gambling experience. Don't let the casino have this advantage over you as there already a favourite in any of the games that you play. You should walk around the casino for a few minutes and become accustomed to the lights and sounds coming from every direction. Once you're ready you should head over to the blackjack tables and begin looking for your table.

  • The worst thing you can do is sit down at the first table you see which fits your minimum bet amount. You want to locate the table which has your minimum bet, but you don't necessarily want to sit down at the first one you see. You should be looking for certain factors when you're looking for your blackjack table and those factors consist of looking for table which is winning. To find a table where the players are winning you should look at the player's bets and chip stack initially. If the players are betting more then the minimum and have nice stacks in front of them then you've generally found a hot table. You can also look at the player's reactions on the table as if there winning they'll typically be smiling and talkative with the dealer whereas on tables which are losing it's usually a lot quieter with people frowning. Finding a hot table is half the battle in blackjack and once you find one you'll be set for the day.

Listed above are some of the most important blackjack tips you should know before heading out to the casino, or playing blackjack online.

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